About the School

ITC-L takes a very unique approach on preparing our students for the marketplace. ITC-L combines vocational school and boot-camp style educational practices to obtain the best of both worlds.

What are the advantages of this unique approach?

The US job market is transitioning from a manufacturing economy to more of a high tech service-based economy. This means preparing to enter the job market requires tools based on the new reality. Historically, the best way to prepare for the marketplace was either a traditional 4-year college degree or a vocational school. Now, this approach brings two enormous challenges. It doesn’t prepare the student for what the market needs, and the student is typically deeply in debt. Additionally, most graduates from the old system earn less than graduates that have certificates or licenses shown on indeed.com (Just tab on this URL and the comparisons of having a degree versus certificates)

Over the last few years, Boot Camps have been created to meet the need in today’s new economy. However, boot-camps mostly cater to professionals already in the field. Boot-camps can provide the training and the certifications. However, once a student graduates they are on their own when it comes to finding a job. ITC-L focuses on providing certificates and licenses, but also assistance in securing an outstanding career.

Because ITC-L is a licensed vocational school, we are mandated by the state of Texas to place a high percentage of our graduates in order to keep our license.

How do we do it?

  • ITCL bundles the most in-demand certificates and licenses into a 30 days course. With this strategy, the student enters today’s demanding job market with several highly coveted commodities.
  • Our educational methodology can best be described as a hybrid between an IT boot camp and a vocational school. Every course is taught using the same method. Phase One of each course focuses on learning the material needed to pass the certification test. Phase Two of each course is focused on “Real World” training, which is dictated by what the industry demands.

Succeed in today’s workplace

with a fraction of the investment of time and money that it takes to achieve a traditional college degree.

About our staff

ITCL is staffed by seasoned professionals with decades of real-world industry experience. Members of our senior staff have designed global communications networks, launched satellites, and created international telecom companies. Our instructors have Cisco, Microsoft, Project Management, CISSP Certificates, and Federal Communication Commission (FCC) licenses.

ITCL’s Board of Advisors is comprised of industry CEO’s, executive managers, and national recruiting managers that keep us up to the minute on current industry trends and needs.

Faith Wright
Faith Wright Guessous
Founder and CEO

IT Certificates and Licensing is a technical school focused on providing a high quality education, and marketable skills to students entering the IT industry. With over 15 years of entrepreneurial and international business experience, Mrs. Wright is responsible for the overall management, strategy and direction of ITCL.

Education MBA in IT, BSBA

Tom Wright
Tom Wright
COO and Director

40 years experience in satellite communications, cellular and IT industry for 69 countries. Taught at West Point, Technical schools and for foreign countries.

Education MBA, BSEE, Assocs. Computer Science Electronic Engineering Diploma


Brandon Pitts
Brandon Pitts

Brandon Pitts, was named Chief Financial Officer of IT Certificates and Licensing in December 2014 and is responsible for corporate financial reporting, audit, treasury, tax compliance, internal controls and corporate governance. Brandon has been a CPA for 29 years and has been a partner in the firm Pitts and Pitts (located in North Dallas) for the last 26 years, servicing mid to large corporate companies in the North Dallas area. Graduated from University of Texas in 1981.

Education BA in Accounting

Matthew Matthey
Matthew Matthey
Senior Instructor

With 15 years in IT, Matt has been teaching as a Microsoft Certified Trainer for over 5 years. His passionate “Learn to Learn” approach has produced not only qualified IT professionals, but Certified Technical Trainers and MCTs as well.

Education BS Information Systems

Certificates Microsoft Certified Trainer, MCSA, MCSE, MTA, MCIP, MCP, CompTIA A+, A+ ce, N+, N+ ce, Project +, Security+ and Security +ce


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